Illegal Worker Caught in UK Restaurant!

During an immigration seizure by the UK Border Agency at a restaurant, the officials found that an illegal worker is employed by the restaurant. A few workers at Sheikh’s on The Green in Broadway were enquired about their immigration status in the nation by UKBA officials, which surfaced that one of the workers among them had been working unlawfully in the nation.

While many of the enquired restaurant workers were found to have right to work in the nation, but one of them was caught of overstaying his visa. The alleged law breaker is a native from Bangladesh. The UK Border agency officials arrested him, however, eventually he was freed on immigration bail. He is now subjected to deportation. Until the arrangements for his deportation are done, he has to report to a police station in the UK.

Along with the deportation order, the restaurant also faces a fine of 10,000 Euros and a civil penalty notice for employing the illegal worker. However, the restaurant is not subjected to fine the amount if it does not fail to prove that all the checks that are done before employing someone were carried out.

Reportedly, the restaurant had also been raided by immigration officials earlier. In the year 2007, two more illegal workers from Bangladesh were also arrested from the same restaurant. Employers who employ foreign nationals who do not have permission to work in a nation are equally guilty as the illegal immigrants! The UK Border Agency has made it clear that employers as well as illegal immigrants cannot get away from the eyes of the government watchdogs!

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