Immigrant Services Offered by the Canadian Government

The Canadian government offers various services to all the newly landed immigrants on its soil. These are executed via the Immigrant Serving Agencies or organization in the various communities throughout the country.

For some of the provinces, the respective provincial governments are responsible are implementing such programs. These include British Columbia, Quebec and Manitoba. You can contact the concerned provincial authorities to know more on the same.

The various Immigrant Serving Organizations cater to the following services –

  • Getting in touch with the local Canadian officials who could help with the various services.
  • Housing and accommodation facilities.
  • Applying for the Social Insurance Number (SIN) and a Health Insurance Card.
  • Register with a Doctor to rush to incase of emergency.
  • Helping to enroll your children in a good school.
  • Availing language skills classes.
  • Referring to the services offered by the government and the community.
  • Making you familiar with the day to day activities such shopping, banking and so on.

To know more, contact an Immigration and Visa veteran who is updated in this regard. He would help you find an Immigrant – Serving Organization in your community which will make it easier for you and your family to better acquaint with the new country.

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