Immigrant workers in Ontario to receive help from a possible new policy

Immigrant workers in Ontario to receive help from a possible new policy

Want to migrate to Ontario? The officials of Ontario have made the latest announcement of their plan to assist migrant workers residing or looking for work in Ontario. Since many of the immigrants move to Canada every month in search of employment opportunities and a high standard of living, Ontario is one of the best breeding grounds for them to explore their potential.

Many of them move to Canada via multiple immigration pathways, such as the application management known as Express Entry System that commands three main immigration programs Federal skilled workers (FSW), Canadian experience class (CEC), and Federal skilled trades (FST) as well as Provincial Nominee Programs.

 If that is the case, then this new policy can undoubtedly help you migrate. This policy is called the Working for Workers Act that is expected to launch this week, would aid those who aspire to migrate to Canada who have years of skilled work experience behind their back in an occupation they specialize in.

Migrants who arrive in Canada with years of experience and who want to procure a Canadian license still require Canadian expertise to do the same, making it complicated for them. This policy shall make it easier for immigrants to get licensed and work in professions that match their potential and work experience.

When this law was proposed, Labour Minister Monte McNaughton stated that if it passes, it will help save many immigrants from needing a whole 1 year of work experience in Canada to get licensed.

Also, it would help set standards for English proficiency requirements and make sure that the processing of licensing applications is quicker. This legislation would apply to licensing bodies governing the occupations of architects, teachers, accountants, and social workers, among other professions. Still, it would not affect those taking care of medical careers, including those who are even licensed doctors and nurses.

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