Immigrants Arrested in Arizona, US!

Authorities have recently arrested 10 human smugglers and rescued 50 undocumented workers in two recent occurrences in Arizona. Reports point out that courtesy an investigation which was going on for three months, officials managed to arrest these people who were involved in human trafficking and other illegal practices in Arizona, US.

The first incident marked rescuing 12 Mexican immigrants who were captured against their choice. In another incident, officers found 45 people in the home, out of which 7 were suspected for human trafficking. The suspects would further be interrogated and then taken into custody into the Fourth Avenue Jail.

It has been said that detectives captured information from four other investigation agencies. After raiding, one person fled from the back door but was caught later on.

Three other smugglers Enrique Velasquez, Alberto Cabera, and Carina Quintana were captured courtesy their linkage with the human trafficking and other illegal operations.

Detectives are still in the process of searching the home, which has been braced with strong security to prevent the escape of immigrants further.

Earlier interrogation with the Immigrants proved that they were carried to the house in groups over last few weeks. Their overall health has been maintained fair, confirmed the officials.

It is still not known the exact time as to when the immigrants crossed the border and enter the premises.

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