To Immigrate to Australia from India Might Not Be Tough, Lack of English Skills Could Pose Problems Though

Immigrate to Australia from India

The Indian intellectualism never seems to stop at any point of time, no matter whether it is in the US where maximum scientists in NASA are from India, or in the Asia Pacific region. But often it is the English language that has been the trouble maker for the Indians. To immigrate to Australia from India, you need to show exceptional standards in the trade followed by the meticulous precision over the language. Australian English is altogether different in comparison to the British and American English. But for the assessment, if you are having British or American accent, you will not be left alienated.

Immigrate to Australia from India
Immigrate to Australia from India

In this article, you will get to know the story of one of the immigrants who moved to Australia with somewhat different English accent.

One of the immigrants, Hemant Jadhav, has been equivocal in his tryst with the English language meant for Australian immigration. In the first place, he was transferred to the UAE in a UK-multinational. But in a short span of 4 years he was again transferred to Australia in the year 2007. After moving to Down Under it was tough for him in the initial stages.

He moved on a Skilled Visa but which was not extended. His ordeal started with the expiration of the Skilled Visa and it was the time when he needed much support from the Indian embassy in the Kangaroo Land. The embassy was pretty helpful for him with extension given on the visa, to search for other jobs. He worked in odd jobs in the initial stages of the immigration but later on he was able to find a descent high paying job.

Jadhav’s aspiration was similar to any common folk where they wish to move to Down Under with the intent of getting well paid and absorbed in some good industry. It is the dream of every individual in particular to give a better quality of life to his/her family, and Jadhav was no different. But his tryst with Australia explains the language barrier he faced.

Jadhav reportedly says that the hardest part of the Australian immigration is the language barrier. It may be the case that you are fluent in English but the way English is spoken in the UK or in the US is completely different than the one spoken in Australia.

Jadhav says that it was easy for him since there were many training programs that taught him the basic essence of the Australian English. With their help and support, he was able to blend into the environment and mix with the common folks. His advice to all other immigrants is if they immigrate to Australia from India, it will be simpler, but if you find it tough to communicate with the Australian accent, and you feel out of the group, join a local accent programme and it will help you immensely.

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