Immigrate to Armenia–Immigration Destination Full of Surprises!

Immigrate to Armenia if you wish to spend the rest of your happily and peacefully. Located in Western Asia, it is a democratic country and still emerging on the international map. The country is economically independent and full of surprises. Its citizens are welcoming and friendly, and a visit to the country will remain forever in your memories.

The Republic of Armenia is slowly becoming a popular immigration destination, and as per some reports, it offers ample of options to foreign business professionals and investors. The nation is proud to be member of many international organizations, such as Collective Security Treaty Organization, Eurasian Economic Union, and the Council of Europe.

If you wish to immigrate to Armenia, for sure you will not have to go through the tiresome immigration process similar to those of countries like UK, Australia or Canada. It is immigrant friendly with liberal immigration policies allowing the applicants to easily initiate their application. Immigration to the country is rather a learning process which is fast. Yes you read it right! To immigrate to your dream country you do not have to spend heavy processing fee.

To lure economic talent, the country practices transparent, liberal and flexible immigration policies. Like many of its European counterparts, such as former USSR countries and EU/EFTA countries, Armenia has given relaxation to these natives. They can easily visit Armenia at their own convenience, without obtaining any additional visa. Just an identity card of their country will make them eligible to enter the Armenia shores for maximum 180 days in a year.

Citizens of other nations will have to apply for a visa. During the first phase the visa is granted for 120 days on request it can extended for 60 days more. Depending on your requirement you may apply for a visa. It’s relatively easy to become the Armenian Permanent Resident. You are neither required to buy property nor make heavy investment there in. It is not mandatory neither to speak the local language either.

Temporary Residence Permit

Applicants must be able to justify their stay in the country for one or more years or else he must be eligible under any one of the following categories: entrepreneur wish to start their own business in the country, employed by a Armenian employer, student, close relative of a Armenian Citizen or a temporary residence holder such as spouse, grand parent, child, or sibling.

Permanent Residency

PR is given to those applicants who meet the criteria under any of the following categories: student, close relative of an Armenian Citizen, such as spouse, grand parent, child, or sibling, ethnic Armenian, if an applicant has lived and worked in the country for at least three years and has a place of abode.

Candidates are required to undergo a medical test at a local healthcare institution and attach the health certificate along with the application.

Armenian Citizenship

An applicant becomes eligible for Armenian Citizenship if he meets any of the following categories:

  • Has lived and worked in the country for at least three years.
  • Is fluent in Armenian language
  • Has thorough knowledge of the Armenian constitution

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