Immigrate to Latvia, Know How To Do It!

The amazingly beautiful and nature blessed country of Latvia, officially a republic, is one of the most peaceful and beautiful nations in the world. It is located in the region of Baltic State, between Estonia and Lithuania. According to some recent studies on the population of this Northern European nation, it is said that, there are around 2 million people living in the nation. The population of this nation is a mixture of Latvian and Russian people. The most spoken language is Latvian, being their national language. Other residents, by and large, use English and Russian languages.

Why go to Latvia?

The Baltic nation is a very good country, if seen from the point of view of non-citizens. In fact, it is one of the most well developed countries in the Baltic region. The immigration services of Latvia are quite advanced. Those who wish to migrate to the country for living, working, studying or travelling purposes gave great opportunities. There are numerous options provided by Latvia’s Immigration Law for non-citizens even as they can acquire a permanent residency (PR) permit. There are high scopes for non-citizens and they can make fruitful investments in real estate, etc. and also run their own business therein.

How to go to Latvia?

There are many positive aspects if a person immigrates to the Northern European country, as it the highest developed country in Baltic State even as it opens door for you to live in any part of Europe. The primary thing for everyone while going to Latvia and before landing on the Latvian soil is the Visa. There are different types of Visas made available by the government. The benefit of being a Latvian country member is you get a free Visa travel to Schengen and other European countries, affordable cost of living, and an opportunity of investing in real estate.

The uniform Visa of Latvia has two types – A and C – which depends on the purpose of your going to that country.

I. A Type – Airport Transit Visa
II. C Type – Short – Stay Visa
III. D Type – Long Stay Visa

It is very easy to obtain a Latvian Visa for Indians with the help of qualified and experienced immigration consultants. Cost of living in the Baltic nation is not too high in comparison to other EU countries, and so it is easy for a non-citizen like Indians to reside therein. A Latvian Visa is a key towards success and ambitions of those who dream to settle down abroad and help their family in daily living.

How to apply for Latvia Visa?

If you are planning to immigrate to Latvia, please ensure that you always seek help and assistance from a qualified immigration consultant. Please take necessary steps and don’t fall victim to the foul schemes of consultants. There are many visa agents in the Indian market who try to lure you for the first time, take your money, promise sincere assistance to your case before disappearing without giving any prior notice.

Steps that everyone should follow while applying for Latvian Visa:

  1. Always thoroughly study the category in which you want your visa to be.
  2. If you are planning to study in the country, take help from an immigration consultant who has prior knowledge about how to live, earn and study—all together and at the same time.
  3. Hire a genuine consultant to help you out in your immigration process.
  4. Keep your application ready and handy. Always cross-check all the details that you fill in your migration form to avoid last minute discrepancies.
  5. Take advance information from your immigration consultant about the expenditure that will be incurred during the whole visa process.

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