Immigration Being One of the Main Issues of the British Election!

Immigration proves to be one of those facets, which is making many people concerned about it in the ongoing election campaign in the United Kingdom. As per the opinion polls, immigration is ranked 2nd on the list of voters’ concerns, after the nation’s economy. The UK General Elections 2010 is slated to held in May.

Immigration will play an important role in the coming British election, no doubt. But, while UK’s mainstream political parties are trying not to give the subject much attention, nation’s extremist parties are treating it as a weapon in their campaigns. Reportedly, the anti-Europe party, United Kingdom Independence Party has demanded a five-year curb on immigration from outside European Union countries and a yearly cap of 50,000 immigrants to the nation.

On the other hand, British National Party comes out as an anti-immigrant party, which wants to end all immigration. It is also in favor of deporting over two million illegal immigrants who are in the UK. Mainstream parties however, remain firm with the challenge from the extremist parties.

Amidst, Prime Minister Gordon Brown appealed to all political parties that they should consider the immigration issue sensitively. However, he also make it clear to all the migrants that they are not welcomed to Britain if they cannot make any contribution to the nation, along showing respect to its values and way of life!

David Cameron, the Conservative leader also put forward its opinion regarding immigration. His party would want to cut down the immigration level to the level of the 1980s and 1990s. In order to attain this, they are opining for an annual cap of 40,000 immigrants from outside European Union countries, besides having tougher border controls and measures to remove asylum seekers from UK.

Thus, it seems like immigration has become a matter of concern for the UK political parties, as well as the voters of the General Elections 2010!

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