Immigration Canada Puts Fresh Limits for FSW, FST Schemes & CEC

According to a report, pouring in straight from Canada, the nation’s incumbent Citizenship and Immigration Minister has proclaimed the latest steps in major economic immigration schemes, to duly prepare for 2015’s official launch of the nation’s latest active staffing model, i.e., the Express Entry. It will result in a swifter & better economic immigration arrangement even as the same will address the Maple Leaf Country’s particular economic & labour market requirements, or so it is claimed.

Meanwhile, talking about the development, Chris Alexander, the minister, reportedly stated that with the steps in question in place, for the nation’s key economic schemes, Ottawa is leaving no stones unturned whatsoever to make certain that the national immigration arrangement address its specific economic & labour market requirements even as it cuts-down build-ups & making the processing times better.

To get ready for the official introduction of the Express Entry the next year–May 1, 2014 to be precise–Immigration Canada will start admitting petitions, via the latest limits for the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP), Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP), besides the Canadian Experience Class (CEC). The steps in question will guarantee a stable supply of qualified employees, who could be residing in the nation on a permanent basis, and assisting to increase the national labor force in regions which may be battling scarcities of skills.

In the backdrop of the FSWP build-up on track for removal this year, a fresh limit of 25,000 submissions will offer the suitable figure of petitions to prop-up the predictable admissions the next year. The list of the qualified professions – showing the latest labour market requirements – will be increased by 100%, to 50 from 24 professions.

Further, to shore-up the country’s requirement for trained-trades individuals, the FSTP limit will be boosted to 5,000 submissions. Every of the 90 skilled trades, chosen under the program rules, will presently be entitled for consideration, despite the fact that sub-limits stay put, with a view to make certain proper representation of the vocations.

Besides, the CEC limit will be re-set at 8,000 submissions, as of May 1, 2014; this will be done to cover the time of changeover to Express Entry.

At A Glance: Some Quick Facts

  1. Through the present structure, these are the final FSWP, FSTP and CEC submissions that will be admitted, prior to Express Entry that becomes operational in the month of January the next year.
  2. Submissions limits make certain that the immigration plans keep on addressing the specific labour market requirements, and that build-ups are not generated.
  3. Spread over a period of two years, the nation’s Economic Action Plan 2014 will make an investment of $14 million, besides $4.7 million every year to guarantee Express Entry’s successful performance.

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