Immigration Checks in Prisons to Stay on!

The deportation of illegal migrants has been the recent update in the United States. Not many of those deported have a criminal background. This has been despite complaints brought out regarding the issue. So, it was voted unanimously by the Board of Supervisors for the agreement to be renewed with the federal immigration officials. This agreement is with reference to screening the immigration status of those in the jails of Los Angeles County.

The controversial program was first consented by the supervisors in January 2005. Since then, over 52,000 people who are in the custody of the sheriff have been interviewed. With this, deportations conducted by the Immigration and Customs Enforcements were over 20,000.

However, as per immigrant advocates, the board’s vote is disappointing as this program has also led to the expulsion of those immigrants who do not have a criminal record. Despite submitting records as proofs that this program was catering to those illegal migrants who were not convicted of any crimes, many were being turned to the ICE for cases like driving without a license and so on.

According to Staff Attorney, Gladys Limon who is with the Mexican American Legal Defence and Educational Fund, this vote would constantly bring about a disagreement between the local communities and the officials from the law enforcements. It is important for the relationship along with trust and confidence to be in place so that the law enforcements succeed in the protection of the local communities.

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