Immigration consultants in Delhi for Canada

Canada is long known for being the second home to the Punjabi Diaspora of the Indian origin. Even prior to globalization, the Canada was the single most preferred destination that availed good employment opportunities to the intending migrants of India. Still a Canadian visa is preferred for it being a passport to virtually every nation in the world. The most applications for a Canadian visa come from the Northern part of India and this also explains the most number of immigration consultants in Delhi for Canada.

The need for an immigration consultant while moving to Canada becomes all the more necessary for the points-based selection criteria. Canada is one of the few nations that utilize a points-based assessment to decide upon the eligibility of a specified visa. The candidates are required to score a minimum of 67 points to become eligible for a possible immigration as the candidate would be ranked as per the professional and academic credentials. An authorized immigration consultant is therefore well able to guide an applicant through different such procedural requirements. Canada also makes it necessary for the applicant to take the IELTS exam to prove his or her proficiency with the official language. This also makes it imperative for the applicants to seek services of an immigration consultant. The consultant is better equipped with knowledge on where and by what agencies the International English Language Test Score is conducted. The visa application also needs to be sufficed with the most relevant and mandatory papers as per the guidelines, which an immigration consultant is best placed to acquainted with.

The Immigration policy in Canada makes is possible for the skilled manpower to migrate to Canada and avail employment opportunities. But the visas are available under different categories such as Federal Skilled Workers visa, Investor visa and Student visa. The procedures and clerical necessities on different visas are also different. For instance the FSWP ‘Federal Skilled Worker Visa’ focuses on the immigrant being able to productively contribute to the economy based on his skills. Similarly investor’s visa focuses on the investment capabilities and the criteria. All such ramifications make the services of an immigration consultant very important. An immigration consultant can provide finished information on the different types of visas, requirements, procedures and formalities. For the residents in New Delhi the immigration consultant can indeed be of great help for availing an early visa and an early immigration.

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