Immigration for Conference & Event Organizers to Australia

Social Promotion is an important aspect of building a business. A lot of opportunities therefore exist on event management. Australia is no exception to this global development on international business management. Australian firms and also the MNCs are looking for professionals who have a sound education and professional experience on Event Management. The occupation finds its place on the CSOL and this also comes as a great opportunity for the skilled immigrants in countries such as India. Immigration for Conference & Event organizers to Australia is now relatively easier. There are a lot of opportunities to choose from.

But, prior to making an application, it is better to comprehend the immigration guidelines and eligibility criteria.

Point’s test:  You get to see the work visa only when you score at least 60 points on Skillselect. This is even higher in case of Skilled Independent visa. The EOI ‘Expression of Interest’ is placed on Skillselect along with all the relevant details on academic credentials, work experience, skills, language proficiency, prior-stay and age. Points are allocated to each and the cumulative score decides about the probability on immigration. Invitation is sent to the immigrants who get the highest score on Skillselect.

Job description:  Your nominated occupation, Event Organizer in this case, should match with your work experience and education. The eligible candidate is expected to be a professional in the field of event management. He or she should be able to bring together the stakeholders and the buyers to meet the long term objectives on business.

Skills Required:  ASRI has clearly defined the skills required for the job as per the Skill level-1. For the said occupation, one should have a Bachelor’s degree / Graduation or a work experience of at least 5 years in the relevant field. The applicants who also have an advanced diploma or an AQF can also mention this to gain more points.

Visa Program:  Apart from the skills and eligibility, it is also very necessary that the right visa program is selected for the nominated occupation. Department of Immigration and Border Protection has listed 4 such programs. You can choose from, Regional Sponsorship, Employer Nomination, Short-term Business Sponsorship and Skilled Independent visa. Ideally, the Nomination makes it easier for you to get the work visa. One only needs to have an offer on employment for Employer Nomination; Sponsorship from a local business in Australia; Nomination from the provincial government, to get the work visa.

IELTS:  This comes as imperative on immigration. International English Language Test Score is one of the primary requisite on Australia bound immigration. One must show his or her proficiency with the English language on all 4 aspects i.e. reading, writing, speaking and listening. This also gets you an addition of 20 more points on your respective score on Skillselect.

Immigration for Conference & Event organizers to Australia depends on how one comprehends the immigration policy. Under skilled immigration, one must show a good score on Skillselect, IELTS score, prior assessment and the nominated occupation.

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