Immigration Fraud and Its Victims

Surrey saw huge marches of people which succumbed to immigration frauds on Saturday. They are asking the federal government to put in some strict checks on these Immigration consultants.

The organizer Aditya Mohan went on to say that plenty of folks in Vnacouver and Surrey have been victims to these fake Immigration consultants, hence leading to plenty of money loss from their sides. These agents promise immigration to Canada but end up committing fraudulence in various cases. They paint a very nice picture in front of them. They promise that they have to pay the money and ensure guarantee that their clan would be there by hook or by crook. People also go on to pay high amounts between $10,000 and $20,000 to these immigration consultants, but end up being on the losing side.

According to the immigration consultant, eight out of ten cases from India face rejection, but the fee is not refundable once the case is rejected.

Various victims have their own tales to tell. Rajpal Kaur Jhuty stated that she spent additional working hours in the office only to go for an expert Immigration expert. Her intentions were to get her family from India. But the consultant lied to them as nothing came out as a positive outcome.

Another victim, Krishan Parashad stated that he paid a huge amount of $90,000, but nothing worked in his favor. He said that all his money has vanished, and now he is not even assured whether the application was ever filed or not.

Just one advice – stay away from fake immigration consultants and always opt for a experienced company (!

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