Immigration Officer Discouraged to Investigate the Cases of Fake Marriages!

Neville Sprague, a chief immigration officer complained about his senior officers for ignoring the issues related to fake marriages and also discouraging him to do the same. There are so many illegal immigrants who successfully achieve to stay in Britain illegally through fake marriages.

Neville was trying to investigate the case of fake marriages but he was forced by his bosses to stay away from it. To stay in Britain, illegal immigrants apply for ‘spouse’ visas and with the help of fake marriages; they manage to get the visa. Such undocumented immigrants then freely enjoy the various facilities such as healthcare, education and other benefits which come with spouse visas.

It is really surprising to know that when Neville expressed his desire to investigate such cases, instead of being supported by his department, he was sacked from his job. One of the former police officer informed that the reason he was sacked was that he was insisting on investigating those cases which the department did not want him to be investigate.

In his statement told to the press, Neville said that he had enough evidence with himself in those cases which he was investigating but his senior officers did not supported him at all. Illegal immigration through fake marriages has increased up to fifty percent since the Law Lords toughen the Home Office marriage rules. Despite this, poor officer had to struggle to draw the attention of his senior officials towards this thing.

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