Immigration Policies under Pressure!

In a recent incident, four detainees have managed to fly away from Sydney’s detention centre, forcing the Immigration authorities to drain ample sweat out there. Additionally, the government officials are facing enough pressure after this incident, as it has questioned the credibility of the security system as a whole.

The detainees were kept in the Sydney’s Villawood detention centre. Reports say that one person flew away by hiding under a vehicle, another one managed to get out of the jail when they were taken out to pray at the local church, and so on. The moves sound just like scenes from any Hollywood flick, but these certainly are realities in their own. Hence, it is a big reason for the government officials to think in detail about the security management of the detention centre.

Now the police authorities in NSW are on their mission to know the whereabouts the culprits, who managed to fly away like birds in the sky, so easily! The pressure has surely built upon the Immigration officials.

The escape happened after the Federal Government planned to move the detainees from Christmas Island. As a result, the opposition has blamed the government for making Christmas Island turn into a Visa Factory! According to various sources, it was speculated that people inside the centre were told that they would get visas and would be taken to mainland for a better life!

Senator Evans defended that the transferring of the detainees happened only because of the fact that the island was getting overcrowded.

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