Immigration Policy of Canada amongst the top 5 in the world

Immigration Policy of Canada amongst the top 5 in the world

Canada grabbed fourth place when it came to the highest score in the latest survey, which ranks the policy performance of 52 countries. The ranking was conducted as per The Migration Integration Policy Index (MIPEX), a comprehensive international benchmark for integration policies.

These government policies determine Canada Immigration:

  • how well can skilled overseas newcomers find suitable jobs
  • have entire access education-related opportunities
  • develop a deep sense of connection and belonging and gradually become citizens who fully engage in society as a whole

According to Anna Triandafyllidou, the Canada Excellence Research Chair in Migration and Integration at Ryerson University, “The MIPEX scores allow us to gauge how well our policies support or hinder newcomers on their path to settling into Canadian society. The index helps us compare our performance over time and identify where we have room for improvement or the potential to learn from other countries.”

In the 2020 edition of MIPEX, you will be glad to know if you plan to migrate to Canada that the Canada overall ranking has climbed up by two places. Thanks to the overall improvement in healthcare access for asylum seekers and progress in the Citizenship Act of 2017. Thanks to these top-ups that Canada went on to rank sixth in the overall world ranking.

As per this report, it is the anti-discrimination policies of Canada that provides it with strength. It is also an all-time top scorer due to its globally friendly laws and policies comprising multiculturalism policies listed on the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Permanent Resident Canada can get their citizenship in Canada after living for a minimum of 3 years, thus providing them with voting rights.

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