Immigration Program for International Students and Temporary Foreign Workers!

The Canadian Experience Class, an immigration program implemented last year has been designed to help certain temporary foreign workers and students in order to apply for permanent residency. As per the program, the time that skilled workers and foreign students with professional, managerial, technical and trade work experience had spent in Canada while contributing to Canadian society helps them proving their eligibility to stay permanently in Canada.

In order to transit from temporary residence to permanent residence, applicants must meet certain criteria. The criteria are:

  • International students must have minimum two years of post secondary education in Canada
  • International students must have at least one year full-time Canadian skilled work experience in specific job categories and
  • They must have the language proficiency needed for occupation
  • Similarly, temporary foreign workers must have minimum two years of full-time skilled work experience in Canada in the last three years
  • They must have the language proficiency needed for occupation

Unlike the Skilled Worker category, the Canadian Experience Class allows people to apply for permanent residency while in Canada. Besides, people who have left Canada and still meet the requirements as workers or graduates can be eligible to apply for the permanent residence if they apply it within one year of leaving their job in Canada.

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