Immigration Rate Going Down for Australia!

Australia was once a very popular destination with many applicants applying for the skilled worker program. However, the trend has changed recently with the number of applicants applying for immigration to Australia going down drastically.

The data reveals a complete downfall in the number of immigrants actually selecting Australia as their new home. As per the figures offered by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC), in February there are drop by about forty four percent when compared to the figures of the same in January. This is especially truly for those coming to Australia for a long term residence. It was similar for those applying for Permanent Residence as well for the month.

The main reason for this is the recent amendments brought about by the Australian government in its Immigration Policy, specifically for its General Skilled Migrant program. The main features of the changes included the expulsion of many jobs at the lower level in its Skilled Occupation List. This was done to cater to the higher positions. As per the department, this was important so as to cater to the shortage of the skilled workers at the high level positions.

The reduction in the number of immigrants was already being anticipated by many experts. As per them, most immigrants catered to the low level jobs in the country. So, the reduction in such jobs from the Skilled Occupation List would clearly reduce the number of applicants who would want to live and work in the nation.

Additionally, these modifications have also impacted the students from other nations who would want to study in Australia. This is because most of these students have undertaken vocational courses which would fulfill their eligibility for permanent residency as per the mandatory requirements earlier. However, the current changes in place, the opportunities for these students are now limited. More so, with the eligibility criteria being very rigid, it caters to only a few applicants to walk into the nation.

Another important reason is the increased security aspects that are being catered to with all the applicants by the DIAC. One such aspect includes the biometric visas for applicants who belong to the nations that have been categorized as “High Risk Countries”. The applicants from such nations find these reasons preventive enough for them to not apply for immigration to Australia. However, DIAC has denied all such claims.

Above all, the Australian Immigration Department is still positive that the current rate would increase in the months ahead. Also, it was said that the impact on the changes would not be permanent and they would slowly decline.

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