Immigration Reform, an Agenda in Virginia General Assembly!

A set of immigration proposals would be addressed by the Virginia General Assembly when it convenes in January. The proposals also include a law similar on the lines of the controversial immigration law introduced in Arizona. This measure was being pushed by Del. Dave Albo, R-Fairfax so as to cater to the tougher handling of illegal migrants. This also involves proposals which would prohibit such migrants from acquiring a driver’s license or other benefits from the government.

All the proposals presented by Albo mainly cater to stricter laws and its enforcement, especially with reference to immigration. Other proposals involve raising the powers of the local police so as to implement the federal immigration rules.

According to Albo, he brought about this bill after he heard the local people of Virginia stating that the immigration laws in the state seem to be loose when compared to other states like Arizona. However, he also maintained that the state might be actually more stringent in these aspects when compared to all the other states in the nation.

As per one of the proposals, the Virginia State Police would need to gain entrance into the 287(g) which is a federal program. This program permits the officials from the law enforcement to implement certain federal immigration laws. Another law would prohibit the local communities from hindering the implementation of the federal immigration laws.

On the other hand, Bob McDonnell, the Governor of Virginia has also requested for the 287(g) a few months back. However, as per Albo, he has already filed the bill since it cannot be assured that the future governors too would be as supportive of this program.

It seems that Albo is confident that he would get the bills from the Republican House of Delegates. At the same time, he acknowledged the fact that it would be tough to get them through the Democratic Senate.

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