Immigration Reform Defended by Obama!

President Barack Obama has blamed his rivals from the Republican for the delay in the overhaul of US immigration law. He has now committed to bringing about reform in this regard. He had said as part of an appeal that he made to the Hispanic voters prior to the mid term elections which are to be held in the coming week.

The President made it clear that he would be fulfilling his promise regarding immigration reform. He was heard saying to Eddie Soltero, the radio host whose show is very popular among the Hispanic community in California. Through this show, he tried to send his assurance to the audience regarding immigration reform. The main motto of the President was to ensure that the people have faith in him and that he would ensure that US immigration overhaul is looked into post the mid-term elections.

He also said that not being able to bring out a solution for this matter is very frustrating to him as well as for the people in the community. However, he wants the people to understand the reasons for issue not being sorted till now.

On the other hand, he accused the tough stand taken by the Republican Party regarding immigration and also for supporting the controversial laws pertaining to immigration in Arizona. As per the President, these are not the people who represent the core values of America.

Despite being the President, he emphasized that he cannot control the Senate. So, he needs to work hard in order to seek support from the other members. After all, he is the President but not a king. That is not how the system works in the United States.

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