Immigration Reform includes both Citizenship & Security, says Napolitano!

Janet Napolitano, the Secretary for the Homeland Security has asked to support for reform of the US visa. She emphasized that the reform that has to be brought about is much more than just granting citizenship to the illegal migrants.

With a change in the laws pertaining to immigration being considered where in one of the options involve granting citizenship to these undocumented migrants. As per the Secretary, these reforms would bring about a chance to fortify the national enforcements. This could be done by advancing the resources and bringing about other tougher punishments.

She also said that when it comes to an immigration reform bill, the main aspects to be looked into must include the terms and conditions for the visas as well as the visa overstays.

Napolitano has also suggested tougher penalties as part of the changes being implemented to the visas and the other laws catering to immigration. These tougher penalties are meant for those employers who hire undocumented migrants and other resources which are meant for the purpose of border security.

The government has been struggling through out to bring about reform which actually works to better the immigration to United States. There have been attempts to implement the DREAM Act which would have passed a legislation permitting the undocumented students to be permanent residents of the nation. However, the law failed due to the lack of majority votes. This act is still considered by many as one of the stepping stones to bring about reform in the nation.

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