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In the age of fast fashion and consumerism, people are often chasing after something or other to suffice their needs or desire. When asked about the future, all they have to confess is 6-digit salary, decent housing and a good vehicle. Is money, house and vehicle a basic necessity of mankind? Practically, in this rapidly changing world, human needs have evolved and they have become more accustomed to technology, fashion, gadgets and commodities.

Upside to this change, people aren’t afraid to take risk or chase their dream. Due to the conservatism and orthodox upbringings in the previous era, many Indians had lost significant opportunities to build their career. But, now the world has progressed and achieved far more milestones than a human can fathom. With globalization and privatization, many countries have opened their door to their neighbors and distant countries. This measure mutually benefit the countries and its economy to flourish.

What does people think of moving to another country? To seek jobs or to study? For any movement, people often find it difficult to find the best immigration consultants in Delhi. Only the Authentic Immigration consultant can fulfill your dreams of Skilled Immigration, Business Immigration, Work permit or overseas education.


Myth – Majority of the people choose abroad Job and handsome salary over the Immigration. They further believe, immigration is a costly and strenuous process, which does not provide the expected returns. Not everyone can apply for Immigration is a common fear among the people.

Fact – These are the common misconceptions among the people. Choosing immigration over everything is the smartest move ever. Supposedly, if you have attained Canada Immigration and a valid Permanent Residency Permit, then you will be eligible for many social benefits, free education, subsidized healthcare, insurance, employment benefits, child benefits, family benefits, senior citizen benefits, and many more. Once you land in the Canada with your Canada PR Visa, it becomes easy to find jobs with your gained skills and qualification in India. The process for Immigration is less complex, providing numerous pathways and alternative solutions to achieve migration. Almost all the developed countries follow the same model which Canada has developed.

Expert Advice – Conduct a thorough research on the Immigration destinations as per your profile, and choose the best option. If you are an IT Professional then Australia Immigration and Canada would be better option. For other profiles, Canada would a safest option.


Myth – People believe the overseas jobs process is one of the easiest pathways to move to a foreign country. Abroad Jobs can be easily found even when you are in India. Hiring a recruitment agency and give you assured results.

Fact – Finding an abroad job from India and applying for work permit is not a piece of cake as one expect. It takes dedicated research, networking and precise documentation to succeed in the work permit application. Many recruitment agencies have misled the Indian job seekers by assuring 100% success rate in employment. Moreover, many fraudulent cases have also come to the surface where people fell prey to these scam and lost all their hard-earned money.

Expert Advice – Never fall into the trap, choose the safer option of Immigration where you and your family will receive all the social benefits.


Myth – The common misapprehensions about studying abroad is burning a giant hole in the pocket. It is considered to be way too expensive and zero returns. People don’t find overseas education beneficial for future prospect.

Fact – It is not wrong say that there are colleges that are expensive and unaffordable for most of the people but there are some universities and destinations that would fulfill the dream of every aspiring students. Countries like Canada, Germany, Australia and Malaysia provide low tuition fees, quality education and are quite affordable as compared to the Crowd Favorite USA and UK. Studying abroad can give you the maximum returns, there are many countries that give you Immigration opportunity upon gaining education from that country. Overseas Education can get you International Job, then opening doors for successful Immigration. Hence, Study Abroad gives you the maximum returns than any other pathway.

Expert Advice – If you have the zeal to achieve further studies, then you should aim for the affordable options without compromising on quality. Your overseas education can fetch you high-yielding harvest for the future.

As trusted and Authentic Immigration consultants in Delhi, Abhinav has excelled and attained the unattainable in all the verticals of Immigration, Jobs and Overseas Education. Our dedication team of experts are known as the Dream Makers. Come, associate with us and fulfill your destiny called – FUTURE.

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