Immigration Swells Canada Population!

According to the data, in the 1st quarter of 2011, the population of Canada increased by more than 70,000. Immigration is considered to be the main reason for such a high jump.

According to the preliminary findings by Canadian Statistics, the total rate of increasing population of the country is 0.2%. It is slower than what one saw during 2010. However, the national head count has increased by more than 85,000. During April, the population of the country was recorded to be below 34.35 million.

Between the period of January and April, about 50,000 new immigrants have registered in the country. However, birth rate outweighed the death rate by 21,500 during the same periods.

Alberta got the highest population spike in the 1st quarter with an increase of 0.4% that represents a spike of 15,500 people.

Among the six most populated provinces, the Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia had 0.2%jump in their population. Except the Territories of Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia and the Northwest, all other provinces and territories had a population growth.

In the 1st quarter, there was more than 700 drop in population of Newfoundland Labrador. The main cause for such a huge drop is considered to be the migration of these people to other parts of Canada.

The population of Nova Scotia dipped by 1,080, while the Territories of the Northwest — which are the most populated territory, has decreased by about 50.

Ontario has the maximum population with more than 13.3 million people residing there. Quebec is at the second position with 7.95 million populations. B.C. and Alberta are at the third and fourth positions respectively.

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