Immigration to Australia for Skilled Candidates—Check The Requirements!

Immigration to Australia

A large number of immigrants settled in Australia have shaped the country’s economy. Since 1949 the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) has granted Permanent Residency (PR) to more than four million people. From time to time DIPB has amended its immigration policies to facilitate the immigration graph of the country. let’s discuss more about requirements of Immigration to Australia.

Popular as the ‘nation of immigrants‘, the country has witnessed many cultures. To work, study, or live a prosperous life, people from more than 200 countries of the world have settled in Oz. Immigration to Australia is a dream of almost every second immigrant.

Immigration to Australia
Immigration to Australia

To keep a check on the immigrants, the DIBP has developed comprehensive immigration laws which at times may sound complex. To help immigrants, numerous laws have been framed. At present, there are approximately 90 visa streams and few bridging visas even while the DIBP receives nearly 13000 visa applications every day from different parts of the world.

For immigration, the country receives applications from large number of skilled workers, students, and refugees. Australian education system is popular worldwide. It also provides an easy opportunity to settle in the nation post the completion of their degree. And, to draw qualified skilled workers and meet the demand of the labor market more skilled programmes have been introduced.

Immigration to Australia for Skilled Candidates–Key Requirements

While the majority of the candidates from every corner of the world are continuously finding easy ways for Australia immigration the first and the important step is to fulfill its key requirements. The country is well known for its point based system.

Let’s take a look at some of the major eligibility requirements!

Age: It is one of the most crucial aspects that not only improves your profile but also impacts your overall score. At the time of submitting the application, you must be below 50. On the basis of your age, you can score up to 30 points.

Language Ability: It makes no sense of moving to Oz if you are not proficient in the national language, i.e., English. If you are skilled in reading, writing and speaking, then you can easily score up to 20 points.

Experience: As a skilled migrant, your experience can really make you a strong contender. You must be armed with at least three years of experience in the nominated occupation. You can easily earn up to 15 points for the same.

Qualification: For your educational qualifications, you can easily earn up to 20 points. To be considered, you must possess at least a diploma.

State or Territory Nomination: A state or territorial nomination can fetch you 5 points applicable for the subclass 190 visa and 10 points for the subclass 489 visa sponsored by a family member in Oz, state or territory.

Partner Skills: If you plan to immigrate with your partner, you can earn up to 5 points for your partner’s skills as well.

Based on the above factors immigration to Australia is possible only if you have successfully scored 60 points.

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