Immigration to Canada for Purchasing Managers Lifetime Opportunity

Lately, the occupation for Purchasing Managers has become a hot as the demand for these professionals has increased extensively across many Canadian provinces and territories. Thanks to modernization in future the demand for these experts is likely to increase at a rather good pace.

Some immigration observers claim that the Maple Leaf Country is the Number One immigration destination in the world. The amazingly beautiful country with peaceful environment attracts many from almost every corner of the world. This multi-cultural country accepts more immigration applications by the professionals, including qualified Purchasing Managers, as compared to any other developed country worldwide. It is claimed that immigration to Canada for Purchasing Managers is a lifetime opportunity.
Occupational Titles

  • building supplies purchasing manager
  • clothing purchasing manager
  • hardware purchasing manager
  • merchandise purchasing manager
  • supply chain logistics manager

Job Profile

The main responsibility of Purchasing Managers is to plan, organize, direct, control, and evaluate the activities of a purchasing department, and also develop and implement the purchasing policies of a business or institution. The services of these professionals are mainly required in public administration, manufacturing, wholesale trade, retail trade–both in public and private sectors.

The aspirants ought to have either a three years bachelor’s degree or a college diploma in Business Administration, Commerce, or Economics.

Key Responsibilities

Across all the Canadian provinces and/or territories the major responsibilities of these specialists, by and large, are almost the same. Some of the key responsibilities are:

  • Plan and evaluate the purchasing process of an establishment.
  • Estimate the expenses & develop a budget and generate purchasing systems and procedures.
  • Continuously identify new vendors for the supply of equipments and raw materials.
  • Assess the expenses & quality of goods and services.
  • Negotiate or supervise the negotiation of purchasing materials or equipments.
  • Evaluate and process claims against indispensable supplies.
  • Carry-out interviews, hire, and supervise training of employees.

Immigration to Canada for purchasing managers is a lifetime opportunity and if you are one of the 1000 successful immigrants you are likely to enjoy the following benefits:

  • You are free to work and live in any province of your choice in Canada.
  • As a permanent citizen, you will have the right to avail social benefits.
  • Immigrants with permanent citizenship can sponsor their family members.
  • The country opposes any kind of discrimination, giving equal opportunities to both to its citizens and immigrants.
  • It offers free education to all its permanent citizens and free education to children up to 11th standard. Higher studies facilities are provided at subsidized rates.

If you are a Purchasing Manager and keen to immigrate to Canada and ready to undertake above responsibilities and also have the desired education qualification  than you need to pack your bags, as the good news is the your profession finds mention in the in-demand list brought out by the CIC, under the Federal Skilled worker program.

The FSW Scheme is the much awaited Canadian program and consists of 50 occupations facing serious shortage in the nation. Under the program, professionals like you are chosen as permanent residents based on the point based system. Scoring 65 out of 100 is compulsory to make the cut. Each applicant is assessed on the basis of six main factors including language skills, education, employment experience, arranged job, age, and foreign adaptability level.

If you are immigrating, via the Federal Skilled Worker Program, you need to know the main features of the visa granted:

  1. It allows you to immigrate without the sponsorship by a Canadian employer.
  2. Applicants are free to work in any Canadian province or territory of their own choice, except Quebec.
  3. After three years of successful stay, the applicants are eligible to apply for citizenship & Canadian passport.
  4. Once you are granted a Canadian Passport, you are free to more than seventy countries without obtaining an additional visa.
  5. You are also eligible to sponsor your family members.
  6. You are qualified to access government subsidized education and healthcare facilities.

Unlike many other immigration destinations, the Maple Leaf Country is ready to proffer hospitable welcome and a financially rewarding future to you.

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