Immigration to Hungary–What Attract Migrants?

Migrants have played a significant role in building Hungary from the day the country came into inception. The low profile country is located in Central Europe, surrounded by many small countries. It was badly affected during the World War I and II and fell into the hands of dictator for almost four decades. It was only in the late 90s that it was declared a democratic parliamentary republic. And, today it has successfully become an upper middle income nation with a high Human Development Index (HDI).

Since the day nation came into existence it has been ethnically diverse. It is regarded as one of the 15 most popular tourist destinations worldwide. In spite of the fact that the country is relatively small, in terms of land size, it has many World Heritage Sites. Till date, the immigration hotspot has not faced any terrorist attack even as it has almost zero crime rate an excellent country with peaceful environment.

The country is politically stable and active and it has almost everything that a migrant need to prosper. Immigration to Hungary has slowly become a common phenomenon and to know what attracts migrants we will have to consider following facts.

The major factor why immigration to Hungary is fast becoming a common factor is that an entry in the nation also makes possibilities to travel to certain specific nations, like the UK, Germany and France. Besides, it’s easy to reach the Schengen Zone and the European Union (EU).

If you are interested in Immigration to Hungary and wish to experience what attracts migrants, you may apply for a Hungarian permit at the recognized immigration office. Whether, you need a separate permit to enter the country largely depends on various factors, such as your nationality, the purpose of coming to the country, and the duration you are expected to live in Hungary, what is your employment status and whether you have a family support in the nation.

To immigrate to Hungary, European Citizens does not really have to run from pillar to post, but for the Non European Citizens, it is a rather tedious task. The country has difficult immigration laws. In order to fall on the correct side, it is mandatory to apply under the right category. Once you get a permit and enter the country it is not possible to change your permit from one category to other while living there in. Depending on your requirement, you may apply for a National Visa, Tourist Visa, Transit Visa, Business visa, Medical Visa, etc.

The major benefit of Hungary immigration is that you can bring along your family members under the same status as yours, provided you have enough funds to cover yours as well as your family members stay in the country, and you should also have a valid health insurance.

For those who are looking for an opportunity to either expand their business venture or start afresh, Hungary is just perfect. Such business professionals are highly demanded in the country and stand a chance to get a permit easily. For investors ‘Residency Bond Programme’ is turning out to be quite popular. It provides Hungarian PR straight away and the applicant is entitled to enjoy unlimited benefits associated with the PR status.

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