Decoding Best Plans for Immigration to Hungary

Europe is a very exciting place to visit, and one cannot just confine them to study, travel, but it is an excellent place for work and career also.

The economy of Europe has been fast progressing, and it has given ample opportunities to its citizens as well as immigrants from other countries to thrive in the environment. The likes of the place can be understood with the fact report which summarizes that people of Europe have better life expectancy and happiness level, as compared to any other part of the world.

Given this, if you are wishing to move to Europe, categorically speaking, Hungary would be the best destination to scale. It has very low population, at the same time, the opportunities in this place are myriad allowing the immigrants to come and exploit the possibilities.

Immigration to Hungary–Key Benefits

Hungary has been strategically located, and it is surrounded by Slovakia, Austria, Slovenia and Russia. The strategic location of the nation makes it an ideal investment destination for the investors and businessmen/women. At the same time, it is also a Schengen country which offers a whole lot of benefits to the immigrants who are visiting this country.

Advantages of Schengen Group

In 1995, 26 members of the European continent mutually agreed to create the Schengen area and under the Schengen agreement, the individuals, who are living in any of the Schengen country, can roam freely in the immediate member countries of the Schengen group for work, pleasure, tourism with a visa. There is complete freedom granted to the individuals belonging to any of the Schengen group to travel to the member nations, work and thrive without any restriction.

Schengen Group of Countries

Australia, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Liechtenstein.

How to Immigrate to Hungary?

Hungary Immigrant Investor Programme

There is always a strong penchant among economies for investors and businessmen. The economies are always looking for the best immigrants with the right plan and investors and businessmen are the best fit for this goal. The Hungary Permanent Residency Programme provides this leverage.

Under it, one can invest EUR 3, 00,000 in government sponsored bonds for a term of five years to get PR in the nation. There is also some amount of additional investment of EUR 60,000 that the immigrants will have to incur in the first place. Upon the completion of the five year term, the immigrants are given the advantage to withdraw their investment even while they can seek for the redemption of their investment.

Hungary Business Immigration Programme

There is also provision for businessmen to move to the country. The least which is required would be to start a new company in the nation or acquire an existing ailing company. The most popular companies at this point of time in Hungary are LLC or Limited Liability Company. The immigrants will have to invest EUR 10,000. The process is pretty quick and it takes just 1-2 weeks to process the incorporation. After the firm is incorporated and turns functional, the individuals can also apply for PR.

Hungary Residency Bond Programme

This is another investor programme which grants the right to move to the nation. Under it, the immigrants will have to make an erstwhile investment and based on that they will be given the residency in the country.

Outcome of the Policy

The policy attracts willing investors who are not from European Union (EU) to come and invest in the country. Under the programme, the funds would freeze for a period of five years. And upon the completion of the period, it will again be liquidated and the immigrants can claim the residency, and the funds will also be returned to them.

There have been some 1100 residency bonds which have been processed so far and it has raised a capital of EUR 60,000 from January 2015 onwards. The programme has proved to be a game changer for immigration to Hungary and most people have used it to the fullest for availing the movement.

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