Immigration to New Brunswick, Canada—Important Steps

Immigration to New Brunswick

New Brunswick, the wonderful and widely visited province of Canada, is situated in the eastern part of the country, is one of the three Maritime Provinces renowned the world over for their welcoming and safe societies. The province has a population of 750,000 and covers three important cities. The province occupies an area of 73,000 square kilometers. The majority of the residents here converse in English that makes the globe trotters feel like home in New Brunswick. So, Immigration to New Brunswick is might be a better option for you.

Immigration to New Brunswick
Immigration to New Brunswick

Immigration to New Brunswick, CanadaKey Steps

The wishful applicant needs to follow these steps for Immigration to New Brunswick-

Step 1- There are different categories that allow hassle-free and convenient entry to the province provided the applicant knows about it. Before applying, one should check out for its eligibility criteria, and then apply through immigration programme stream depending on his skill and resources.

Step 2- Targeting New Brunswick, the candidate should apply for the Provincial Nominee Programme (PNP) and follow all its steps and deposit all the necessary documents and proofs for Immigration to New Brunswick.

Step 3- The programme is based upon a point system. To successfully claim more points, an applicant needs to get his credentials duly assessed. He needs to find work and get nomination from a New Brunswick employer. In the meanwhile he needs to improve his language skills. This skill is very important as it will help him settle in the province.

Step 4- For successful living in the Canada, its necessary that a migrant knows its resources and economy to which he is soon going to make an addition. It is advisable to do good research on Immigration to New Brunswick. This will help in strengthening roots in the country.

Step-5- The applicant must also wait till he receives a nomination or refusal letter. If his skills match the specific requirements of the employer, then he should apply for the Work Permit.

Step 6- When an applicant gets his nomination, then his application is sent to the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), and there it is decided whether he is really suitable for availing nomination for Permanent Residency (PR). For this he is asked to submit medical and character certificate verified from relevant authorities.

Step 7- The applicant needs to have sound financial condition to further the process for immigration to Canada. He should have enough funds to maintain his living in the country, for at least 6 months, and his bank balance should prove his capability to do so.

Make an entry through the New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Programme (NBPNP)

Those who are skilled and those who are experienced business people can take this route to enjoy the benefits of the Canadian PR. This programme is for all those wishful migrants who wish to settle in the province permanently and live a better life.

The NBPNP is a scheme that caters to the requirements of the New Brunswick. Through this particular scheme, the skilled and experienced applicants can come to the province and settle therein. The NBPNP selects the candidates who are eligible to make an addition to economy of New Brunswick.

Under this programme, the applicant is asked to submit Expression of Interest (EoI). For a successful submission of application, all relevant details are mentioned on the form. Depending on the total scores under its point system the applicant is cherry-picked to meet the purpose of growth and expansion of the province’s economy.

The possible immigrants can also start the course via making a profile in Canada Express Entry and officially exhibiting an interest in immigration to New Brunswick, Canada. The NBPNP may afterwards contact the concerned individual directly, via the Express Entry arrangement, inviting them to submit an application to the scheme.

This process is decidedly recommended as it also enables the aspirants to include their Express Entry Profile ID together with their EoI. After nomination, an applicant’s nomination certificate can be duly added to his Express Entry profile by the NBPNP, and this will instantaneously provide the person with 600 points under the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) of Express Entry.

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