Immigration to Nova Scotia Canada

Immigration to Nova Scotia, Canada

With the motto ‘one defends and the other conquers’ one of the smallest Canadian Provinces, Nova Scotia, is located in the Maritimes region of the country. Are you interested in Immigration to Nova Scotia, Canada then please read this article it’s really helpful for you.

Immigration to Nova Scotia, Canada is a dream of numerous ambitious business people; entrepreneurs; investors; skilled workers; sports lovers; and lovers of good food, chocolates, outdoor activities, music festivals and beaches, etc.

Immigration to Nova Scotia, Canada
Immigration to Nova Scotia, Canada

The Nova Scotia office of Immigration (NSOI) is happy to welcome immigrants from every corner of the world even while the immigrants have handsomely contributed towards the economic and social development of the province.

What is most satisfying when it comes to immigration to Nova Scotia, Canada is that it helps the immigrants to permanently settle there in along with their family. This means they get a Canadian Permanent Residence (PR) with the possibility of becoming its lawful citizens.

Top Popular Nova Scotia Immigration Visa Options

Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Programme (NSPNP)

It is free of many restrictions. For instance, in every way it is independent of the Express Entry. It is also not required to follow the Skilled Occupation List (SOL).

On the basis of their economic and provincial needs, each province and territory in the country is 100% free to announce their own Provincial Occupational List (POL) and pick the right talent, either via Express Entry or through their own provincial selection process.

In case of the NSPNP, the NSOI uses the Federal Government’s initiative of Express Entry to attract capable immigrants to its shores. It offers an opportunity to the migrants to live and work in the province. The successful applicants get the mush desired and awaited Canadian PR.

But before one gets nominated, he must work on certain factors, such as experience, qualification, language ability. Additionally, if you have a family member already residing in the province, you have a prior job offer or have studied or worked there in, then you have an edge over others.

Nova Scotia Entrepreneur Stream (NSES)

It is popular among the highly skilled business people and business executives of the similar status. However, it is mandatory that they deliver a strong commitment to start a new company/organization, or over take an existing one in the region. Not only that they must also be 100% committed to vigorously participating in the regular supervision of the same.

The province encourages talent to come to its shores. The major requirement under the stream is that the applicant must have an experience of at least three years as a company/organization owner with at least 33% possession, or else he must possess at least five years of experience at the management level. Besides, the applicant must also possess at least 600,000 Canadian Dollars and make an investment of 150,000 Canadian Dollars.

Once they successfully deliver what they may have promised before, for at least one year, they can become eligible to apply for the Canadian PR.

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