Immigration Tops the To – Do List!

A research poll conducted by Gallup proves many people in the world think alike. This is especially true for with immigration plans. According to the survey, almost 700 million worldwide wish to immigrate to a better country.

The survey was conducted between the years 2007 to 2009 in 135 different countries in the world. It was found that 16% of the population would want to migrate to another country permanently.

Other key findings include the following –

  • Asians have the least intentions to migrate to other countries. Only 10% of the population that is around 250 million people intend to move to another country.
  • 38% of the population i.e. around 165 million adults from the sub – Saharan African countries wish to immigrate.
  • The United States has been voted as the most popular country for all the prospective immigrants. Around 165 million people showed their interest in moving to the United States.
  • 45 million projected an interest towards Canada as their country of residence in the future.
  • North America and Europe are the favorite destinations for immigration purposes with almost 80 million wishing to emigrate from one EU country to another.

In addition to the above, 45 million people select UK or the France, 35 million for Spain, 25 million each for Australia and Germany and another 30 million for Saudi Arabia.

The research was conducted via telephonic as well as face to face interviews with 259,542 adults across the world. This number consists of 93% of the world population. These results are a clear indicator of the rise in immigration in the future with more and more people, especially from the developing countries.

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