Immigration Transforming US Face : Study

A recent study done by a well-known research group (the Pew Research) from the US alleges that immigration is radically altering the racial structure of the US even as 17% of the country’s citizens have Hispanic roots. A significant section of these come from Mexico and several are either migrants, or the kids of the overseas people. The Hispanics also happen to be quickest developing minority group and–even in case no additional immigration comes from them–they would continue to be behind as much as 30% of the populace of the nation by 2030.

An additional 5% of the American citizens—close to 15,000,000 individuals—have Asian roots even while the said minority is also developing quickly than the common populace. About 12.2 million overseas-born individuals are staying inside the nation with the permanent residency status and are equipped with the US Green Cards. Further, 15.1 million persons are staying inside the country, who were born overseas, and are naturalized citizens of the US.

The study in question further reveals that 11.1 million unlawful overseas people are staying inside the US even as 55% of them happen to be from Mexico. An additional 25% come from the remaining regions of the Latin America. Further, close to 1.1 million (10%) of the prohibited immigrants comes from the Asian regions.

It requires to be duly mentioned here that some unauthorized immigrants are keen that all those, who are staying inside the US in an unlawful manner, be proffered the prized US citizenship. Such a development would have massive impact inside the country.

Not only the same would boost the percentage of the Hispanic populace to close to 20% right away, it would also have an effect on the balance between the leading US political parties, the Democrats and the Republicans, during presidential & other polls. At the recently concluded presidential polls, as much as 71% of the Hispanics reportedly cast its votes in the favor of the Democratic Party led by the incumbent President Barack Obama, and do did 73% of the Asian Americans.

Some political observers opine that Obama emerged victorious, thanks to the anti-unlawful stand adopted by Mitt Romney, his Republican competitor. They conjecture that Asians & Hispanics did not like Romney when he strongly supported, what is called the procedure of self-exile. The said course of action involves making life so tough for the unlawful migrants that they have no options except to depart from the nation on their own.

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