Know about Immigration Visa Application Process for Points Based Denmark Green Card

Do you nurture any intentions to shift to a developed member country of the European Union (EU), for residence & work purposes? What about the remarkably beautiful Scandinavian nation of Denmark? You would do well to file a visa petition through the Danish Green Card points based scheme. But–prior to this–you ought to find-out about the involved immigration permit application procedure.

Immigration visa application process for points based Denmark Green Card

As mentioned before, Denmark Green Card is a points-based arrangement for immigration. It is meant for the overseas professionals & high level mangers/executives even as it proffers a 3-year residence visa to the candidate, and the accompanying members of his family.

Selection features–which constitute a part of the point based arrangement–covers the aspirant’s educational & professional qualifications, skills in language, experience in claimed line of work, age of the primary aspirant, and some other important factors, like work experience, not to mention earned qualifications from a qualified university. Those who garner 100 points are given the card. The aspirants are given bonus points if they have done graduation from a university, which is globally accepted and known for its excellent academic level.

The aspirant also ought to have complete health insurance covering him and his accompanying family members. He must mention that he is in a position to support himself during the 1st year of his stay in the country. Those who want to file a petition for a residence visa for accompanying family members also ought to document that they are in a position to support their family members.

Denmark Green Card Visa Submission Ways

The candidates may present their submissions for a residence and work visa through numerous ways. They could submit the same at the country’s diplomatic mission in their nation of origin, or the nation wherein they have lived in a lawful manner for the last 3 months. In India, the visa aspirants may submit their petitions at the VFS Danish Permit petition centre at either of these well-known Indian cities, namely, Mumbai, New Delhi, Bangalore, or Chennai.

The specific diplomatic mission may make additional demands, like extra passport photos or photocopies of the petition. It is recommended that, prior to one presents his submission, he duly checks the prerequisites on the website of the diplomatic mission.

It’s also crucial to make certain that one’s petition contains every needed information and certification. In case the aspirant’s submission is short of the needed information or credentials, his petition could be dismissed. In other words, his submission will not be suitably processed.

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