Impacts of Canada Migration Could Be Comprehensive

Impacts of Canada migration–well, this is a hot topic of discussion in the world today what with the whole world on the move these days to Canada and other similar global hotspots.

Yes, Canada migration is increasing at a rapid rate. As per the available data, almost 300 million individuals are residing and employed outside their native countries presently. A sizeable chunk of this lot is in the Maple Leaf Country. Many people are also moving to the various states within the nation itself.

There are many reasons why people feel the need to move to the different destinations of the world, including Canada. Security in food, change in climate, superlative healthcare, first-rate healthcare, and prospects of better jobs…these are just some of the key reasons why many citizens of the various countries feel the burning urge to get involved with Canada migration or move to some other developed hotspots.

Canada Migration
Canada Migration

Talking of Canada migration especially, there are unending impacts of Canada migration on both the host and source nations. The social, political and economic aspects of Canada migration are described below:

Social Impacts of Canada Migration

  1. With the increase in Canada migration, the density of population is minimized in the source country from which the people migrate. The density of population on the other hand in the targeted place, Canada, increases, sometimes to an alarming level, in the process, creating a great load on the place’s infrastructure and resources. It is mostly the younger adults who opt to get involved with Canada Migration and movement to some parts of the world, especially the ones with a very strong economy and a very good scope for career advancement.
  2. Canada Migration also leads to a disproportionate number of males and females in the society of both source and the host country. While sometimes it works in the favor of society, at other times, it leads to ‘avoidable’ crimes, such as rapes and molestations in the areas with a very bad sex ration that’s tilted in the favor or men.
  3. The remittances that are provided to home by the people who have migrated can result in improved health and education conditions back home. The money is used to develop these facilities.
  4. The retired migrants who return to their country develop increased expectations in the society. Having seen the world and all that it has offer they expect the same quality of life and facilities in their home nations.

Political Impacts of Canada Migration

  1. In the source nation, there is an establishment of new policies for encouraging natural skilled resources. The realization that the foreigners are making money since they are skilled motivates the local government and groups to demand and work towards developing and nourishing local talents.
  2. The government of the country also establishes new policies for encouraging immigration in order to develop resources and counteract the overflow of the skilled resources.
  3. Sometimes, the nation also seeks international aids in the matter.
  4. In the destination country, sometimes Canada migration results into discrimination against the various minorities and ethnic groups.
  5. The government also seeks for heightened regulations on Canada migration. The main reason: the influx of the dependents and those who may prove a drain the on the destination’s scarce resources.
  6. There are also establishments of various attitudes that may lead to encouragement of fundamentalism. The influx of new communities and ideas sometimes threatened the established and the local sentiments and beliefs. And to safeguard these, new groups and societies, with very strong views and beliefs, crop-up.

Economic Impacts of Canada Migration

  1. In the source nation, there is a significant reduction in the under-employment.
  2. Those involved with Canada Migration, when they return back to the country, bring innovation and new skills that assist in reviving the economy and making it better and more cutting-edge.
  3. Most of the individuals involved with Canada migration send various remittances to their home and a large part of the amount is reinvested in the improvement of infrastructure and facilities.
  4. In the destination country, the migrants are ready to undertake the jobs that are desirable.
  5. The host nation receives quality skilled labor at minimized cost.
  6. The gap in the skills present is filled by the highly qualified and skilled migrants–most of whom are often very young.
  7. The retirement costs are transferred to the source country.

So, in a nutshell, these are the chief impacts of Canada migration or migration to some other top global hotspots.

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