Important Documents: Guide for Newcomers in Canada!

Now that you have landed in Canada, here are some of the most important documents that would be required by you, documents which will help you to prove your identity and your purpose to be in Canada:

  • Documents like Birth of Certificate, Health Records/ Health Insurance Card, PR Form/Card should always be handy with in case some one asks for the same. Failure to provide them may lead to unwanted conditions. In addition to this, these documents can be hard to replace if you lose them or they are stolen.
  • People residing in Quebec need a Certificat de sélection du Québe. It is essential as it will assist you in applying for other mandatory documents like Social Insurance Number card (SIN) and a Health Insurance Card (HIC). If these cards are used by anyone else, you may be subjected to legal practices as it is illegal to use someone’s card in Canada.
  • How to apply for SIN Card:  Landing in Canada, one of the first things you should do is apply for a SIN Card. This is important to work in Canada, have account with a bank and get the tax credit. Visit the nearest Service Canada Centre and ask for more information.
  • GST/HST Credit: GST/HST is tax which is paid by Canadians on several goods and services. GST/HST Credit assists those kin which have low or average incomes. Get more information on this at the Canada Revenue Agency’s enquiry service 1 800 959 1953.
  • Canada Child Tax Benefit: those applicants having kids below the age group of 18, you may be assisted by the Canadian government in raising your kids. You can apply for the Canada Child Tax Benefit, provided you fulfill its eligibility criteria. The benefit is based on several aspects like your family income, the province in which you are living, number of kids you have, to name a few. Dial 1 800 387 1193 for more info on the same. Those living in Quebec can visit the Régie’s website at

All the best for your stay in Canada! Wish you all the happiness.

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