Increasing Detention Timelines for Asylum Seekers!

According to Immigration Lawyers and asylum specialists, increasing the detention time for refugee claimants in Canada is not the key to stop these migrants or the smugglers from coming into the nation. As per them, when it comes to the legislative leeway, the federal government has it all to keep the asylum seekers in custody. They could detain these migrants till they qualify as legitimate refugees. More so, when it comes to a crack down on human smuggling, the legitimate refugees should not be punished.

The above came about in response to reports that the Harper government is planning to bring about longer timelines for detention for asylum seekers. More so, these people have always arrived in large numbers, the recent being the Thai cargo ship containing 492 migrants from Sri Lanka.

However, Douglas Cannon, an immigration lawyer from Vancouver feels that these extended timelines would not deter these migrants who are desperate to leave their native land. As per him, it would be safer to live in a jail in Canada rather than living in hostile conditions in a civil war zone.

On the other hand, the above measure of longer detention period has been considered by the government as part of the initiation which is promised to fight human smuggling. With this, it has also been considered by the government to bring about amends when it comes to the legal definition of human smuggling. This is being done to forward the prosecutions and convictions in this regard. More so, a minimum sentence for human smuggling is also being considered. This sentence would be compulsory and is being thought about for the first time.

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