India Asks Singapore to Accept More of Its Foreign Talents!

According to reports, India is putting pressure on Singapore to come out with more services so that Indian “foreign talent” gets more and more opportunity to work in the country. The pressure is put on the basis of an agreement which was signed some years back.

India is asking Singapore to come out with more number of opportunities for the Indian foreign talent as a part of the bilateral trade agreement. Reports also point out in the way that India is asking Singapore to expand various sectors related with health care and education industry.

Plus, there are demands to make additional adjustments in the list of occupation meant for Indian foreign nationals to gain entry. There are demands to increase occupations for chefs, school teachers and people linked with hospitality sector.

If speculations are to be believed, a good number of Indians are already employed in Singapore. In addition to that, the nationals of Singapore are already annoyed with the number of foreign nationals working in the country as it is taking their chances of working in various occupations. Overseas bankers are working in huge number in Singapore and more than half of the banking sector is occupied with foreign talent.

A majority of Indians working in Singapore are from the southern part of India, with Tamil Nadu dominating as one of the leading source providers.

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