India Gets Tough on Visa Rules!

The tightening of Indian Visa norms has enhanced a series of protests from countries like UK and US. The amendments would surely affect people from all the arenas who are planning to migrate to India in some way or the other.

The new rules may not only prohibit tourists from returning to the country within a span of two months but may also affect the PIO card holders and all the foreigners. These new rules are said to be in response to the multiple visits of Lashkar jihadi David Coleman Headley since the last nine months in India. His numerous visits allowed him to prepare videos on Mumbai, which were further used by the Lashkar terrorists in the 26/11 attack.

According to a British High Commissioner, they have had a thorough discussion with the Indian government and are hoping that the government would reconsider its plans soon. British business secretary Lord Peter Mandelson elaborated that the decision would hurt tourist who are planning to visit India in their future endeavors. Additionally, the MEA too has asked the home ministry to think again on these amendments as they are likely to affect a wide range of people.

As far as the people of Pakistan origin from third countries are concerned, they have to wait for a long time, as it would become mandatory that their visas be processed by the home ministry in Delhi… This means more delays!

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