India Next Only to Mexico & Philippines on US Immigrant Waiting List

A recent development suggests that, with about 3.43 lakh people from India cooling their heels to migrate to the US; the former constitutes nearly 8% of the overall migrant waiting list of the latter. Mexico and Philippines, placed at number one and two, lead the table even as these specific nations constitute close to 40% of the total immigrant waiting list.

When it comes to the employment choices class, denial of access is most widespread even as India accounts for nearly 21% in the waiting list. Nearly 26,000 skilled workers are still cooling their heels.  Surprisingly, India’s immediate neighbor, Pakistan — despite its recent not-too-good relations with the US — accounts for only 3% or so of the total immigration waiting list. The situation is more or less the same with Bangladesh as well, and it does comparatively better than India accounting for only more than 3.5% of the waiting list.

Another development suggests that India leads the table of nations as an outsourcing hotspot. Mexico placed at the sixth place, Philippines at the ninth spot, and Pakistan at the 28th place, trial India. The subject of Immigration continues to be something sensitive in the US, more so during the elections, even as the country’s rate of joblessness stands at 9%. Of late, most of the nations across the globe are becoming less international.

Meanwhile, a concerned person was quoted as saying that New Delhi is seen as one of the biggest competitors, at the global stage, when it comes to the IT jobs.

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