Indian Actor-Director Taken Into Custody in Houston!

An Indian documentary filmmaker has been taken into custody and jailed for unlawfully carrying brass knuckles (which are regarded as unlawful in Texas) in his checked airport baggage. If reports are to be believed, he would be kept under police custody without being granted the bail, until the time the matter is concluded.

Vijay Kumar, the concerned person faced detention by the security officials at the airport. He was on his way to land in Canada on the 20th of August, where he was speculated to have carried unwanted baggage. To add on to that, he was acting in a suspicious manner and was studying “jihadist” as a part of his literature.

As far as the statement from his attorney (Grant Scheiner) is concerned, Vijay was given the invitation to come to Houston and be a participant in an Indian conference which was based on various aspects of Islamic fundamentalists. As far as the books are concerned, they were only meant for educational purpose.

At the same time, it has also been confirmed by the attorney that the accusation was upgraded to a third-degree assault because he was under allegations of carrying the brass knuckles. Now he has to stay in custody for a misdemeanor, essentially.

The attorney has confirmed that his client is not bad. It is just that he committed an honest mistake about the regulations. He read that it is fair to carry brass knuckles on planes in checked luggage. But there was no where written that the same are allowed on carry bags too.

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