Do Indian Citizens Need Immigration Counseling?

The decision to immigrate to an overseas destination is not an insignificant one. In fact, it’s a BIG decision in one’s life. It does not involve just one’s hard earned money and precious time but also his very future, career, and much more importantly, life. The candidate could be thinking of settling in an alien country, with totally different culture and social values, and get its permanent residency status, and maybe eventually citizenship. And he could be at the crossroads about this.

He could also be at loss and may not know which specific visa category to opt for. Shall he file a petition under the skilled visa category, or investor category, or family category? Shall he seek sponsorship and learn a new language to boost his chances, or just file a submission with the needed papers and fees, and hope for the best?

At certain times, the applicant could even be confused, in terms of his choice of destination. Shall he submit a visa application for Canada or the UK—the two top nations favored by a large number of candidates from India—or opt for lesser known immigration destinations but with great prospects, such as Latvia and Lithuania?

Given all this, he certainly needs qualified support and guidance from the immigration experts operating from most of the leading Indian cities, such as new Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Pune, and Chandigarh, etc. Thanks to their domain expertise and professional skills, these permit advisors and consultants are in a better position to guide and counsel the aspirants accordingly, and help them file a petition under the right category, at the right time, and for the right country.

So, it could be safely said that Indian (or for that matter the national of any country in the world) citizens need immigration counseling.

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