Indian Government asked to ease out Visa Procedures by Pakistan!

NEW DELHI: Indian government has been asked by a Pakistani industry body to ease down the application process linked with getting Indian visas. This would lead to an enhancement of economic collaborations within the neighboring nations and ease out the to and fro movements of businessmen from one country to another.

According to the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI), the stringent visa regulations out by the Indian government create hassles in trading process.

Sultan Ahmed Chawla, who is the President of FPCCI, held a meeting with Commerce and Industry Minister Anand Sharma and confirmed that the rigid visa process serves as the biggest handicap in the trading process between both the nations. He went on to say that the wait to get a visa lasts for twenty days, which the Indian people get the same in just two hours. It has been believed that Chawla discussed this issue with Sharma during the meeting which was held between the two.

He went on to say that business cannot flourish until and unless a movement is seen. Amongst the other issues which formed a part of his talks were the issues of increasing non-trade barriers amongst the two nations with Sharma. Chawla confirmed that the Commerce minister showed positive signs and would certainly work in the direction of overcoming these hassles and barriers in trade.

In his statement, he said that both the countries should start by inaugurating various branched by their banks in the territories of opposite nation.

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