Indian Illegal Migrants Arrested in UK!

About eighteen Indians have been arrested regarding crimes pertaining to immigration. These arrested would be deported soon from Britain. The UK Border Agency (UKBA) arrested these undocumented migrants in a clothing factory in Leicester, in two catering firms in west London and from a restaurant in Aberdeen.

These arrests are a part of the national operation conducted by the UKBA to take on illegal migration, bogus colleges, immigration crime which is organized and sham marriages. Relevant measures would be taken for the deportation of these migrants from Britain. This is as per the British High Commission in India which had made a statement.

The above firms from where these people were arrested have been warned to be subject to fines as high as 180,000 for employing workers if they do not have enough evidence which proves them to have conducted immigration checks the right way.

According to the UK Immigration Minister, Damian Green, it has been decided to make it as tough as possible for such illegal migrants to walk into UK. Such illegal immigration tends to affect the public services, legitimate businesses as well as the local communities as it leads to more pressure which is beyond what the nation can withhold.

The above is one of the main reasons why the government is so bent on cutting the strings of illegal employment and organized smugglers who are trying to reside in the nation.

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