Indian Immigration to the UK Increasing!

According to the recent statistics from a Daily Express report, it has been confirmed that on an hourly basis, three Indians find themselves successful in getting the UK citizenship, which means genuine applicants intending to move to the UK have a good chance.

The year 2009 saw 2009, 26,535 Indians getting citizenship of the country that means a total of three applicants getting the citizenship per hour. That’s a decent figure in itself. Last year saw 13 percent of the Indian immigrants formed a part of total immigrants getting the UK citizenship in the year 2009.

The figures are expected to hike this year as overseas applicants, especially Indians have already seeing Australia as a not so good immigration destination. This reluctant is making UK as one of the applauded destinations to move to. Immigrants from Somalia and Zimbabwe are also joining the race and moving to the UK at a faster pace.

If compared with the year 2008, the figures are almost 58 per cent up in the year 2009. The figures, however have hiked concerns of the UK government to accommodate all these immigrants, including taking care of their accommodations, jobs, health benefit and other such facets.

According to Immigration Minister Damian Green, it is a big issue as the hike in Immigration figures are depicted as great immigration crisis. He said that it is their responsibility to curb down Immigration, an aspect that would benefit UK in a major way.

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