Indian-origin British MP Hails From An Unlikely Family Background!

Is everything really predestined or it is Karma that takes us to our destiny? The Indian-origin young British MP Parmjit Dhanda can claim for destiny’s child for sure! Son of a truck driver, Dhanda’s venture into British politics is quite dramatic and at the same time inspirational. Dhanda participated in the elections from Gloucester, Southwest in the year 2001, when he was 28. He won the elections and entered the House of Commons as a Labor Party representative.

However, Dhanda’s association with the Labor Party dates back to his teenage days. After winning two consecutive elections from Gloucester, he dared to contest for the speaker’s job in the British Parliament in June. This act caught the attention of many, to which he said that he knew he had no chance of winning the post, however he wanted to win the debate. Indeed, he indeed that!

The Dhandas hail from Punjab, who migrated to London in the 1960s. Parmjit Dhanda’s father was a truck driver and mother was a mopper. His father’s accident while driving a truck compelled him to enter the politics and work in support for immigrant workers. According to him, his mother was also approached by the trade union to fight for labor welfare ad rights issues.

Having his roots in India, Parmjit Dhanda sure has a thing for Indian Cricket team!

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