Indian IT Specialists Wanted in Canada Post US Restrictions on Visas

No need to be troubled over the US checks on the visas! If you are an Indian IT expert and keen to work abroad, you are welcome in Canada!

According to some technology industry chiefs of Indian origin in Canada, the prickly immigration checks that are being imposed and proposed by the incumbent Donald Trump-led government will prove beneficial for investment and technology professionals’ employment in the Maple Leaf Country.

Indian IT Specialists
Indian IT Specialists

Allegedly, it will offer an excellent chance for the finest talents from India to move, do a job, and live in the overseas hotspot. Numerous firms in Canada, run by the people who have Indian roots, are already getting queries from the technology experts from India and the US about moving to Vancouver.

Allegedly, by welcoming diversity Ottawa can head innovation that will prove fruitful to the entire globe. By deciding to support, train and engage the finest talents in the world, Ottawa can develop global companies that will advance its economy.

Plans are reportedly afoot in the Maple Leaf Country to bring numerous Indian start-up undertakings to British Columbia (BC) with an emphasis on Augmented Reality, and Virtual Reality, besides Mixed Reality with the reason being the same has a dearth of trained technology experts & programmers.

Some firm heads in Canada have reportedly been prompted by the checks that are being planned by the US to launch out-and-out services for the technology specialists from India who are predisposed to move to the Maple Leaf Country.

A new scheme has reportedly been formed in the country by one entrepreneur of India origin that clearly influences the exploitation of the popular Startup Visa in the Maple Leaf Country. The scheme enables the foreign start-ups to shift their head offices to the Maple Leaf Country, and get the prized Permanent Residency (PR) for not less than 5 members of the start-up undertakings and the family members inside a period of just six months.

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