Indian Student Enrollment to Australia Dropped!

Melbourne: Reports point their hands in the direction that the Indian student enrollment in Australia has dropped by a huge margin, especially after Australia announced policy change. If figures are to be believed, student applicants from India are avoiding Australia as a prospective destination to study further.

Students from all over the world are gradually shunning away from Australia and biggest drop has been seen in the inflow of students from Indian continent. As far as the study from Herald Sun is concerned, the figures have dropped by a fifth!

In the month of April 2009, 55,000 students from India got their visas. But as far as the figure from the same year was concerned, the figures has shown a massive decrease and reached 10,000. In addition, other facets have also played a huge role in the decrease of the students coming to Australia.

As far as the overall surge in overseas students to Australia is concerned, the population has increased in a major way, courtesy the massive inflow of students in the land of Kangaroos. 430,000 overseas students were recorded to have their presence in Australia in the month of May.

But if we look at the statistics of number if overseas students granted for the purpose of higher education in the initial nine months of 2009-2010, the figures were less than 60,000, the same being more than 70,000 for last year. The data has been confirmed by Immigration Department.

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