Indian Visa Restrictions Creating Hurdles!

Reports say that Singaporean travel agents are facing certain problems courtesy the new Indian visa restrictions, as a result of which they are complaining that the restrictions are creating hurdles in the travel plan of plenty of visitors.

Promoting the Common Wealth Games, the Singaporean agents elaborated that the visitors are finding it difficult to cope up with the Indian Visa restrictions and hence finding uncomfortable making a return trip to India. The regulations require visitors with multiple visas to come back to India only after two months of leaving the premises.

Indian representative Neela Lad confirmed that New Delhi had eased out the visa restrictions by giving orders that people of Indian origin would be given the freedom to revisit with a span of two months.

An anonymous travel agent present at the road show showed his uncertainty towards the statement! He went on to say that they require full clarifications on the regulations.

Neela’s explanations didn’t satisfy other Singaporean travel agents too, leaving them to comment that there is no certainty whether the airport officials would implement this move or not and allow the re-entry of visitors who landed on Indian soil and later visit other nations.

Neela went on to speak that she is expecting that the issue would be solved by October this year. Talking about the Common Wealth Games, she said that almost one lac tourists are expected to visit the games during the season, in addition to the participating overseas players!

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