Indonesia’s Immigration Detainees Told to Sign No-Escape Pledge!

Pekanbaru, Riau: The immigration officials and staff members at the Pekanbaru Immigration Detention Center located in Riau have made a request to all the detainees who are staying in the centre to vow that they will never escape from the premises. Additionally, they have been asked to sign a pledge nodding to this statement. The decision came out after twenty eight Afghan detainees escaped from the centre last week. They managed to strengthen their escape by tunneling underneath the seven-meter-high hurdle and making their way through it.

According to Yanizur, who is the head of the facility, all the immigrants are asked to sign an assurance in a written layout assuring that they would not try to get away from the premises.

He went on to say that they had been asked to vow that no troubles or hassles would be created from their side, during the span of time they spend in the premises; failing to agree to them would lead to their deportation from Indonesia.

He added that they have asked the International Organization for Migration to acquaint the detainees to stay away from any kind of nuisance during their stay in the centre.

Considering the number of escapes happening in various detention centers all over the world, it is a right step towards managing the detainees and keeping them away from any chaos or brawl happening during the hours. Other detention centers should employ similar strategies to keep u healthy situations away.

Illegal immigrants from Afghan are becoming head ache for detention centers all over the world.

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