Innovative technology results in Stricter Security Regime!

The government of India has come out with a new and innovative way which will make it compulsory for foreigners who visit India to give their fingerprints for security reasons. This is going to be the one of the unique project which would connect the foreign missions and the immigration offices all over India.

With the aid of this system, security officials will be making the use of the software which can create the passenger’s profile to aid them in tracing the doubtful travelers. This software will also be able to produce information about all those countries which are being visited by these travelers or suspects. If that person will be found traveling to Pakistan very often, then that person can fall into the suspect zone.

This project allows the installation of biometric machines and intelligent document scanners at various places such as immigration check posts, foreign missions, registration offices to keep a check on the visitor. In developed countries like US and UK, the use of biometrics for overseas visitors is quite common now as they have been using this system since long. In fact, France began using the biometric machines for security purpose since last summer only. Initially they used it only for overseas students who intend to stay in France for the duration of more than three months.

The project is quite expensive owing to its highly developed and efficient use of technology. The government would be required to invest at least Rs. 1,000 crore for the successful completion of project. This system will make the security procedure tight and strict but at the same time this will also relax the entire process of foreigners to register themselves for their stay in India.

Various steps have already been initiated by the home ministry’s foreigners division as they have started carrying out their application process via online. In fact appointments between foreigners and visa officers are fixed through online system only. In fact, foreigners from Bangladesh, UK and Pakistan can now file their request for visa through online also.

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