Interested in British Columbia Immigration as Canada Express Entry Skilled Worker?

If you are to pinpoint few of the traits that attract many people to Canada, then it is better standard of living, multiculturalism, evergreen environment, and well paid jobs. On an average, if you are to compare the US and Canada, then the people of the Maple Leaf Country are more vibrant, satisfied and pleased with the way they lead their life.

Given this, if you ask one reason to move to Canada, then there are 100s on the platter that you can consider in the first place. If you talk about 2015, then it is going to be leveled as an unparalleled year in the history of Canadian immigration, with the launch of new immigration program—Express Entry, people have begun to experience the ease of movement, particularly, if you are talking about experienced movement.

Immigration to British Columbia

If one has to go by record, then the Canadian province of British Columbia (BC) is, currently, reeling under the shortage of skilled labor even as this province is over-enthusiastically welcoming migrants from on board to live and thrive on its soils. In case you are looking for movement to BC, under Express Entry Skilled Worker Program, there are certain requirements that you must adhere to for facilitating the same, i.e., the movement.

For BC immigration, you need to fill the Express Entry immigration profile. In the immigration system there are certain parameters that one has to meet. The profile registration takes in the reckoning your language proficiency and ILETS score, and evaluates you on different factors to identify your eligibility.

Once you appear for this, you get to know that whether you are eligible. The portal will provide you with validation code that you must furnish when asked for during immigration processing. The skilled labor category takes in the reckoning your nature of job, and it will coincide that with what is mentioned in the skilled occupation list of BC.

Hence, if the nature of job that you do adheres to the requirement of British Columbia, then you can opt for movement under these categories 1) Federal Skilled Workers Program (FSWP) 2) Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP) 3) Canada Experience Class (CEC) and 4) General Migration. Under the Express Entry Skilled Worker immigration system, there is no first-come-first-serve basis that was followed in the CIC system. Rather in this system, more leverage is provided to experience and expertise.

In case you are going for skilled category, then your job must be categorized under the skill level O, A or B. These three categories are mostly sought in BC. Under the O, A, B category of jobs, it is crucial to have a recognized degree, or rather a specialization along with work experience in the same category of job.

Particularly, you must show your certification of work in the company where you have been working and the work should be regularized under the payroll category. So, if you are furnishing internship details, then you are nowhere close of getting through to BC.

The moment you are through with the tests, and every minute details needed under Express Entry system, your profile will be fed in the Canadian Job Bank, and they would grant your sponsorship and movement to the province based on your eligibilities and potential.

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